Direct Client Services

Why Should You Choose Douglas Displays to Manage Your Out-of-Home Media Campaigns?

1. Research & Planning

  • With the clients objective established, we use our knowledge of local out-of-home media options and contact all vendors to assemble a comprehensive proposal at the best price. We save our clients considerable time and money in this first step of the process alone.

2. One Contact / One Contract

  • While we may contract with multiple vendors in multiple markets for a campaign– our clients will always have one point of contact for any questions or concerns.
  • A single contract for our client to process/approve can make campaign execution and invoicing less of a headache.

3. Creative Production

  • We handle the production of creative to ensure that everything is produced to vendor specs. The different sizes, substrates, medias, and vendor requirements provide many opportunities for mistakes for those not familiar.

4. Excellent Service

  • Our job doesn’t end after you’ve signed the contract. We continue to monitor the campaign to ensure it is executed per the contract. We monitor start and end dates, proof of performance documentation, illumination reports, creative checks, and provide custom invoicing per client specs.

5. We Are Experts in Out-of-Home

  • Douglas Displays has been around since 1973. We’ve seen the industry evolve over the years and understand how to get things done
  • We have developed strong relationships with our vendors through the years and leverage these relationships for our clients
  • Our sales and management team is passionate about our business and brings over 150 years of combined out-of-home buying and sales experience to our clients
  • We understand that the success of our business is dependent on the success of our clients’